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Thanks for visiting us! Sharpie-pens.net offers an amazing variety of Sharpie promotional pens. These branded Sharpie pens offer you an inexpensive and effective way to promote your business. Sharpie stands for far more than just markers. They’re made to write and stay on practically any surface, they’re The Permanent Marker born from their never fading quality.

As a local Sharpie pens manufacturer, we deliver personalized pens directly to your businesses address. The reason we’re so passionate about our products is because we know how big of a branding difference they can make for your business. Take for example our Sharpie Mini. This specific promotional Sharpie Pen is great for giveaways at conferences and other customer facing events. On the other hand, our more executive promotional Sharpie pen is the Sharpie Stainless Pen. This is a great model for those C-level executives you have in your office.

Offered at very affordable prices, all of our selection of Sharpie pens are great tools you can buy to market your brand! Our locally produced, promotional pens offer companies and organizations a way to effectively get their name in the hands of customers.